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At A Glance

Damansara Seresta reveals nature in all its lush glory with the Bukit Lanjan Forest Reserve as its mesmerising backdrop. The scenic serenity is made all the more beautiful with the award- winning design consultancy Inchscape helmed by one of South East Asia’s highly sought after landscape designer extraordinaire.

Featuring a lush living environment like no other, Damansara Seresta sets the tone for the ultimate 1st-of-its-kind nature living in the city.

Experience The Difference with Fresh New Air Inhaled In Every Breathe Exhaled

In Progress

The third space concept comes alive in Damansara Seresta in which quality community living is enjoyed amidst the unique recreational facilities. A sense of belonging to the community can be found when bonding moments are created and shared among residents.

“People have three spaces: the first being their homes, the second their workplace and the third being the place you go after work. Between work and home, there is this third space where the most memorable experiences occur. Damansara Seresta provides an address of third space distinction where you live an unparalleled lifestyle that blends leisure and harmony with the spectacular view of the forest reserve,” as stated by Inch, the director of Inchscape.

The Project

Spanning across 6.23 acres, Damansara Seresta offers 452 freehold condominium units. Wide- ranging unit types are available from simplex, duplex, double volume with lanai to penthouse. Damansara Seresta’s backdrop of the forest reserve plays an important role in absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing oxygen as a by-product of photosynthesis. This ensures a supply of breath of fresh air literally as residents can enjoy 365 days of fresh oxygen. Additionally, the cascading waterfalls are among the refreshing water elements that feature prominently in this exclusive residential development.